Ирина Акуленко из Украины. Сейчас она работает с знаменитым коллективом Bellyqueen, а также с Alchemy Dance Theater с Ириной Комаровской. Выступает с известными музыкантами beatbox guitar, djin.

Queen Irina is a performer, teacher and choreographer with a wild imagination and a burning passion for the arts of all genres. Although she discovered Middle Eastern dance purely by chance, her interest in expression started at an early age and was channeled into ballet training, in addition to piano lessons, chorus and drawing. However, belly dance became her main addiction which she sustained by seeking instruction with numerous New York-based teachers. For the last 7 years, she explored both Egyptian Cabaret and American Tribal belly dance and now enjoys fusing these styles as well as everything in between. Today, Irina is a member of two professional dance companies - BellyQueen and Alchemy Dance Theater, and is dedicated to continuing her dance education, always looking for new ways to be inspired. She is a former member of Public Urban Ritual Experiment (P.U.R.E.) and enjoys collaborating with other local artists. Furthermore, Irina holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science, and has a strong interest in women's issues and visual arts.










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